We are a NO Nonsens company with a lot of fun in our work but also a serious management agency.
Our TEAM is an open minded and honest group of people that makes the difference in golf.

We’re¬†looking for golfers who wants to be a pro player on The European, LET, Senior, Pro Golf, Challange, Asian, EPD, LPGA, PGA and other tours.
The MAX handicap a player must have is 10 or less.

Our TEAM of experts are training, give lessons, manage and guide YOU in your game plan to make it to the TOP.


What we also do for YOU :

  • All backoffice stuff
  • Arrange travel
  • Set up and manage social media
  • Set up and manage your own website
  • Meetings with potential sponsors
  • 24/7 standby
  • etc, etc

I’m searching for :

– Golf coaches
– Putter coaches
– Mental coaches
– Training coaches
– Clubfitters
– Sponsors
– Fysio people

– B&B all over the world

You can contact me by clicking here